A recent fraud survey conducted by TD Canada indicates fraud continues to impact Canadians, with the majority of victims losing up to $5000.

Nicole Beaton, District Vice President for TD Canada Calgary South, says scams continue to target the senior population, though are not limited to this age group.

"Frauds are becoming more and more sophisticated. As we catch up with one, something else comes in and takes its place. Some of the biggest ones are impacting our senior population, where they get a call saying it's a grandchild overseas that's in trouble. They immediately want to help, without checking to make sure that they are who they say they are," she said.

Beaton says there are several ways to get educated and protect yourself and your family.

"Pay attention to your fraud alerts. Seniors are increasingly being targeted, so having more conversations helps to protect your family by educating them," she said.

Beaton says it's also extremely important to keep your pin number secure, meaning no one should know the number besides you.

She adds a recent survey shows residents are taking measures to protect themselves and their families.

"Two thirds of Canadians are actively taking measures to make sure they're protecting themselves. Using digital tools to help make sure they're combating technology based frauds, reviewing their bank accounts often, not clicking on links, not calling unknown numbers or taking any requested action until they verify that it comes from legitimate sources," said Beaton.

Beaton says the two highest concerns are scams that target our senior population, as well as romance scams.

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