Okotoks Municipal Enforcement are working towards raising awareness to visitors about the speed limit in Okotoks, which is 40 km/h unless otherwise posted.

Amendments have been made to the Traffic Bylaw, which now clearly outlines the speed limit in town, and new signs regarding local speed limits will be installed around Okotoks soon.

Kelly Stienwand, Municipal Enforcement Manager, says the signs around town will be purely informational, and were created using a model recommended by the province.

"They're going to be something that does not look like anything that is a speed limit sign," he explains. "I know in the past we've had some signs that look like a speed limit sign, and it became a little confusing to motorists. We wanted to repair that situation and put up an informational sign."

Stienwand shares signs will be put up in a just over ten locations which have been deemed most effective after a multi-team meeting.

He's hoping reminding visitors of speed limits will raise compliance, as traffic bylaws vary in other municipalities.

"For example some speed zones in Calgary are just a little bit different than what they are here in Okotoks. We have to do a great job of providing those opportunities to educate the public, and make sure people are aware of the rules of the road here."

He adds the new signs are not meant to increase enforcement, but rather to give a heads up to motorists entering town limits.

"We're reaching out to the community here, we're not trying to create debates about how we prosecute things and rules of evidence. At the end of the day we just want to make sure that we're doing everything we can as a service to the community to advise the general public, and contribute to the safety of our streets."

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