The MD of Foothills Appeal Board has dismissed an appeal from residents, Brian and Sharon McCaughan, and upheld an issued stop order for the removal of a flood berm they built to protect their property from future flooding.

Sharon McCaughan says she and her husband, Brian, are wondering what they're going to do next.

"How are we even going to remove this berm? It's winter time, the ground is frozen. We planted trees on the dike to help root it and make it stronger, now we're going to be losing all those trees. I don't even want to think about it, it just gives me anxiety," she said.

The McCaughan's property is ranked #1 of 55 properties that will be most negatively impacted by future flooding due to mitigation work already completed by the town of High River.

Brian McCaughan says they are shocked at the outcome, especially because the MD of Foothills proposed raising their berm to the Government of Alberta.

"Both of us are just shell shocked, especially discovering the MD proposal to the Government of Alberta, showing they're going to raise our berm one metre, for nine-hundred-and-twelve thousand dollars, or something, and I was doing it for free," he said.

The McCaughans are trying to get in touch with other landowners located down stream from High River, and have placed ads in local newspapers in an effort to locate them.

An appeal can be filed, however, the legal costs associated with it are not feasible for the McCaughans at this point in time, due to the costs already incurred for construction of the berm, and legal costs associated with their appeal.

The McCaughan's property is ranked number 1 out of 55 landowners in properties that will be most negatively impacted by future flooding.

The MD of Foothills was contacted for comment, but was unable to speak on the matter due to the ongoing legal proceedings.

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