Many residents in Okotoks have questions about how the town plans to rectify the issues that have arisen with water supply in our community.

Bill Robertson, Mayor of Okotoks, says the town has been hard at work to find solutions, and assures residents there is enough to service current demands.

"I want to assure everybody, for everyone that lives here, and all developments that have been approved to date, there is enough water to service those people at current rates of consumption. There is no worry of people moving in and other people not having enough water. We have enough water for everybody that's here, and any development that has been approved. However, all new developments are on hold until we get a further water supply," he said.

Mayor Robertson says the town is working on a number of solutions, one of them being a pipeline from the City of Calgary.

"This would be bringing potable water down from the City of Calgary, putting it through our distribution system, out to the citizens of Okotoks. We did annex 33 quarter sections, if those build out fully, that would take us to about 60 to 70 thousand people. But, until we get the Calgary pipeline, or an alternate solution, and we're looking at a number of different things, there is probably enough water for about a thousand new people with the approved developments that we have," he said.

Another possible solution could be a temporary transfer off the Sheep River from another license holder, and Mayor Robertson says the town is working diligently to find a solution. He says changes in provincial staff and government have slowed down the process.

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