It's severe storm season and with heavy rains comes mini floods on some Okotoks roads. 

While these may be a nuisance for home owners in the area, they're not happening by accident.

Transportation Manager with the Town, Jaime Greenshields says the pooling water is part of an above ground storm water system.

"I look at it like there's two storm systems in place. The primary one is the underground one that none of us see. That's where all the 100 KM's of pipes underground are, that the water eventually makes its way to." Greenshields adds, "When that primary system is overloaded there's an overland system as well, where the water is meant to pond on the surface. These areas are designed as such, that when water pools in these lower areas, it will spill down another escape route to the next storm drain."

Greensheilds says these areas of localized flooding are designed so that the primary system of underground pipes doesn't overload. Eventually, he says, the water will drain away.

"Give it time, over an hour or so and they will drain down. If they don't drain out after an hour or so, we have after hours on call staff that will look for hail or leaves blocking the drain, and clear them out."

If you notice a storm drain or a flooded area that hasn't drained within the appropriate time frame, you can call the Town's Operations department, to have that area looked at.

There isn't a risk for property damage if you live close to these areas, as Greenshields says land titles and property along these drain corridors must be built at a specific elevation so as to avoid basement flooding.

The Town does ask that people drive safely through the flooded areas, Greenshields says that's to protect the homes built in the area.

"These big rain storms are becoming more of a norm these days.' He asks, "When they do occur we do ask that the public respect them especially in the areas where water does pool. Residents in those areas would appreciate if vehicles didn't speed through causing big splashes and things like that.

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