An aspiring Okotoks music artist had the opportunity to sing a duet with Keith Urban at the Saddledome in Calgary this past Sunday evening.

Michela Sheedy says singing with Keith Urban and having her family on stage with her was an experience she will never forget.

"We've been going to his show every single year since 2005. Me and my family ended up getting pulled on stage, it was crazy. It was the most surreal moment ever," she said.

Michela shared a microphone with Keith Urban, joining him in singing the duet, "We Were Us," originally sang by Miranda Lambert, and is one of Sheedy's favourite songs.

The 22-year-old says the experience was both exciting and terrifying, but hopes her talents and hard work are what send her career into full swing.

"What happened on Sunday night was just a lucky break. I think what's more important is to focus on the hard work that every artist puts into their career. If anything huge is going to happen, I'd hope that it would be because of my hard work, and not because of just sheer luck," said Sheedy.

She and her family are long time fans of urban, and a sign reading "will trade my sister for a chance to sing with Keith Urban," is what caught Urban's attention.

Sheedy says she and her sister crafted some clever signs that paid off, which resulted in her, her sister and her mother being invited on stage.

"It was the coolest experience ever. I was shaking in my boots. Me and keith both sang into the same microphone, and harmonized and had a great old time up there, it was awesome," she said.

She says she's not expecting the experience to launch her career, but was honoured to have had the chance to sing with one of her favourite artists of all time.

She is also the back up anthem singer for the Calgary Flames, and will be performing at Knoxville's this coming Thursday, September 27th, as she works for a scholarship toward her career.

You can follow Michela's journey on social media, or by visiting her website at

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