It seems that Woodhaven might have a rather large and furry new visitor, after bear scat was discovered on the path system in the area this morning.

Parks Manager for the Town, Christa Michailuck says, while there hasn't been any actual sightings, the town still wants to make residents aware of the situation.

"We just want residents to make an informed decision about whether they want to avoid the area or not, because there hasn't been any confirmed sightings we don't know if the bear has moved on already or if it's still in the area." Michailuck shares "The river valley is a huge wildlife corridor and many animals do pass through that area, so our goal is to make sure residents are aware and can make informed decisions."

While bear sightings and reports don't happen often in our area of the Foothills, Michailuck says they're not a total surprise.

"We haven't had a ton of bear sightings in Okotoks, since I've been here anyways.  I'd say maybe every other year or every three years we hear about bears passing through the river valley corridor in particular, it's not totally unusual."

If you see the bear, or any predatory animal activity, Michailuck says it's best to report the sighting to Fish and Wildlife.

"Certainly report any sightings if you end up seeing the animal.  Those reports should go to Fish and Wildlife primarily which can be reached at 403-652-8330.  If you don't get a response there, then contact the RCMP and let them know, and we always appreciate being notified here at the town, so we can notify the citizens."

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