A new inter-provincial free trade agreement within Canada has left a few industries out in the cold.

Foothills Member of Parliament John Barlow says it's a 300 page agreement, but 100 pages of that is a long list of exemptions.

"Things that are not included in the free trade agreement include forestry, financial services and alcohol, beer, wine, and spirits," said Barlow.

He adds the agreement is a step in the right direction, but it falls well short of the potential of what it can be

"On the Federal Government's side of things, this was a real opportunity to stand up and support our craft brewers, craft distillers."

There are several companies in the Foothills riding that would like to expand and grow, but they can't grow and expand outside of Alberta without a free trade agreement.

They also got hit with a two percent tax in the latest federal budget that will increase every year.

 He added the agreement is good conversation to have.

"But to come out and say we have made this landmark agreement in time for Canada's 150th is really disingenuous," said Barlow.

"It's not a free trade agreement in any way shape or form."

He added the Senate did a study last summer and found a free trade agreement could add 130 billion dollars in GDP growth

"Which is incredible economic growth for Canada, but we are well short of where we could be."

His advice is that Provinces need to look at the long-term benefits of a free trade agreement.

"The revenue they could generate by allowing free enterprise to grow and succeed in Canada would more than supplant this protectionist attitude they have."

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