Highwood MLA Wayne Anderson is still waiting to see what comes of the investigation by Elections Alberta into what he's calling "irregularities" in last year's UCP nomination campaign.

Anderson says, so far it's been radio silence while the investigation moves along.

"I put a call into the inspecting group that had taken on conversations with myself and several other constituents here that were knowledgeable of the situation here in Highwood. We haven't heard anything yet. I think they're focused on the Callaway thing first and potentially the nomination thing second, that's what I'm assuming."

Anderson says he's paying a bit of a price for being so public about his concerns.

"I've heard nothing back from the central party, Janice Harrington, or anyone else. I think as far as they're concerned I'm persona non grata. But that being said, I'm still a member of the party and I'm still a member of caucus. So, I'm hoping the Executive Director and the Executive Board would contact me regarding some of these issues, but they've yet to reach out and I'm not surprised and I'm not holding my breath."

He says in the meantime, he continues to plug away as the riding's MLA.

R.J. Sigurdson won the vote and unless Elections Alberta rules differently, his name will be on the ballot for the UCP when we go to the polls in this Spring's provincial election.

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