Highwood went into the Provincial Election with three candidates; RJ Sigurdson of the United Conservative, Erik Overland of the New Democratic Party, and Dan Irving of the Alberta Independence Party.

A few day's after the election however, a fourth candidate stepped up: Ron Kerr of the Alberta Party.

We're now ten days into the election, and though he was a later addition to the candidates, Kerr says he's been able to get out and talk to some of the constituents.

"I've been out a little bit talking to some people. Some of the frustrations are that they're not feeling like they're being listened to. That's what my main goal is, to be able to listen to people, listen to what the issues are, and then come up with solutions for them."

The economy seems to be the biggest issue in this election, something Kerr says the Alberta Party intends to approach differently than others.

"They're pro-business, they're pro-investment in Alberta. I think it's just being able to sit down with different industry leaders and seeing what we can do to track more business into Alberta, to diversify the economy a little bit. Energy is awesome, and it's still gonna be the future for the next I don't know how many years. I think alienating that or turning that aside is foolish; they are such a huge part of what Alberta is. So yes, we've got to keep that but we've got to stabilize it and then just diversify some other things, and strengthen some other industries."

Overall, Kerr says he's glad to add another choice for the Highwood riding, and only habours respect for his fellow candidates.

"I'm definitely not gonna slam anybody. From just these short ten days, I think if anybody's stepping up to run, they deserve some credit."

For more information on Ron Kerr and the Alberta Party, click here.


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