Winter weather provides a new hazard with road conditions.

Before heading out, motorists should make sure they are prepared for an emergency by packing their vehicle with a kit that includes warm clothes and a blanket, snacks, a phone charger, and a flash light.

Linda Proctor with Skills Driving School Okotoks says anti lock brakes can make a big difference this time of year.

"The anti lock brakes allow you to steer, that's the big difference. Once you stay calm, don't over steer, use a quarter of a turn, a quarter of a turn, and a quarter turn back, will usually get you right around that object. Just stay calm and hold that brake down," she explains. "The second you take your foot off that anti lock brake you're back to regular brakes and you don't want to lock those tires up because you're going to go wherever that car momentum is going to take you."

Proctor says sliding usually occurs with sudden actions.

"You don't slide when you're going straight. When you have a steady pressure on that gas there is no possibility of sliding. It's when you're accelerating too quick, braking too quick, or turning too quick, all that is what's going to create your slide so prepare early, plan ahead, and start slowing down at those corners."

To get through snow it's recommended using steady, gentle pressure when accelerating as going to fast may cause tires to spin and make the situation worse.

A tip Proctor offers if motorists do find themselves stuck in snow is to pull out the carpet from their vehicle and place it under their front tires. It should allow the vehicle to get traction and get moving.

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