Dayton Sutherland, son of Okotoks' Mark Sutherland, will not be taking part in the WPCA tour this year.

He spent the last two years on the tour, however, says it's just too expensive for him to continue, and he's decided to take a step back.

He says Calgary is the place to be in order to really cash in, but it takes money and effort to get there, as well.

"You just can't make it on the WPCA if you're not in Calgary. And obviously everybody's got to earn their spot there and that's something that I just wasn't able to do. So I've kind of got to take a step back and re-evaluate and go from there," he said.

He plans to stay close to Grande Prairie this summer to race in the junior circuit there.

"So, this year I'm actually going to try racing in the WCA, which is the Western Chuckwagon Association. I'd say they're kind of like a minor league to the WPCA. And they're mostly situated around the Grande Prairie area. So, I think I'm going to race two outfits up there. Try and build my barns and hopefully make it back," said Sutherland.

He adds he's not ruling out a future return to the WPCA.

"You know I'm definitely looking to come back to the WPCA eventually. It might just be a few years down the road, that's all. I've just kind of got to build up my barns and get my stuff in a line."

He says the bonus of returning to Grande Prairie is his Grandfather, the legendary, Kelly Sutherland, lives there and will help mentor Dayton on the WCA tour, which he says is like having the best coach in the world.

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