This years 2018 Summer Youth Olympics Rugby Sevens Tournament was attended by Vulcan athlete Keyara Wardley who headed out to Buenos Aires in Argentina to represent team Canada in the international event.

The event took place from October 13 to the 16th, but Wardley says their team arrived a little early and explored the country.

"It was everybody's first time in Argentina, the whole competition and the village we stayed at was amazing. We were there for a week and a half before the games actually started. So for the first few days we were there we got to explore a little. Our venue was about an hour and a half away, so watching all the scenery on the bus was pretty cool too."

The Rugby Sevens tournament pitted six girls teams and six boys teams against each other to represent their nation.

The countries who made it to the tournament for the girls teams were Canada, New Zealand, France, Tunisia, Colombia and Kazakhstan.

On the boys side national teams included the United States, Japan, Argentina, Samoa, France and South Africa.

Wardley says Canada didn't take home the gold prize, but their final result wasn't too shabby.

"When we got to Argentina our unity as a team just came together. We didn't quite get the outcome we wanted, we really wanted gold, but we still got bronze which was amazing too."

The gold prize for the girls rugby sevens went to New Zealand, while France brought home silver.

On the boys side, Argentina can boast their gold medal prize while France takes silver and Japan claims bronze.

Wardley says the hard work isn't over however, as she's moving from the U18 team onto the women's team.

"There's three of us on this team that are currently centralized on the women's program. For me, after this year I'll be done with U18, so my next step will be to make it on the top 12 squad for the world series women's team. We train everyday and there's only 12 players that will make it onto a tour so everyday you have to grind it out. It's a lot of hard work, but definitely what I want to be doing so I don't mind putting up that competition. The next tour will be in Dubai at the end of November, so my fingers are crossed for making that tour."

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