Another day, another Pizza!

The end of the month has come and it was time for us to do our second Pizza it Forward!

Let me break it down for you quickly; we get three Pizza's from Pizza 73, the first pizza goes to whoever calls in first during our cue to call, the second pizza goes to someone the first person picks and the third pizza goes to a third person that the second person passes it forward to! Makes sense right? 

Dola called in on the Midday Show and answered our trivia question right so she automatically got a FREE pizza from Pizza 73!

She was from out of town so she came in and grabbed her winnings and we randomly got to pick our second lucky winners of the second pizza.

Ashley and her husband were stoked to win the second 'ZA' and decided to give the third pizza to their that's neighborley hospitality!

Tom and I walked over but no one was home (a part of me wanted to eat the pizza ourselves BUT we persevered for the good of the people and the pizza!) so we decided to check out the other neighbors on the other side of them and that's when Erica became the third and final recipient of pizza!

So in the end it was a litte all over the place BUT we found a home for all three pizzas!

Check out the videos below to see our first two Pizza It Forwards - all made possible by our awesome sponsors: St. Mary's University and Pizza 73 Okotoks.

~Shayne On Midday 😀