Representatives from the Canadian Cattle Association recently took part in the United Nation's Committee on World Food Security meetings in Rome.

Jessica Radau, the CCA's Youth Leadership Coordinator took part in the meetings. 

She says it was a global discussion to improve food systems and how we work in a coordinated way towards ensuring food security and nutrition for all.

Jessica Radau (second from the back) at U.N. conference on Food SecurityJessica Radau (second from the back) at U.N. conference on Food Security

"Our goal with participating in the event was to represent the Canadian beef industry and beef producers and share our message that Canada's cattle producers sustainably raise a high quality protein dense product and really echo the message that we're part of the solution," she says.

"It was really encouraging to see the emphasis and value placed on the next generation being part of the solution and the way there was room for youth to bring forward their ideas and contributions to these important discussions."

Radau says its important to be a part of the discussions domestically and internationally as well.