Residents travelling through the downtown core might have noticed fewer places to park and a few more orange pylons lining the sidewalks and roads.

With the warmer weather, crews will be hard at work clearing and cleaning the core as well as removing the seasonal banners located on light posts. 

Residents are reminded to watch their speeds when travelling downtown and to keep an eye out for Transportation crews. Do not remove or displace any Town equipment, such as pylons, temporary signage and/or road barriers.

The town is also full sweep ahead with their spring clean.

Town crews will start on major thoroughfares and arterial roads. Once those roads are completed, crews will then move into residential neighbourhoods. Residential roads will be completed following the predetermined neighbourhood zone map.

According to the town's website, crews are working in two shifts. During the daytime, the cleaning crews will prioritize the residential areas. Night shift cleaning crews typically focus their efforts on the larger priority routes.