UPDATE: The new keyword for June 27th - July 6th is 'VACATION' 

Summer is here and we think it's about time you and the family went on a vacation or started planning a vacation!

How does a 2-night stay at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort sound? Sounds pretty amazing to us!

And your chances of winning are even better because we're giving away TWO 2-night stays at the resort within the next two weeks.

Fresh mountain air, luxurious rooms, activities and fun for the kids,  like mini-golf & tennis, plus all-natural mineral pool hot springs that are drained and refilled with naturally hot water, EVERY DAY! Also, this summer, kids eat free at on-site restaurants & the hot pools have re-opened to the public! 

Sounds like the family getaway you've been needing, right? 

Well, here's how you get entered:

Tune in to the Okotoks Ford Morning Show starting Wednesday, June 22nd,  every day I'll tell you what you need to text in that day to get entered in to win. For example, on Monday I'll ask you to text in what you did over the weekend.

You then text this week's keyword: "Family" to our High River Toyota text line (403)-938-0652 and tell me what you got up to over the Father's Day weekend.

And voila! You're entered to win! 

Every week day from June 22nd to the July 6th there will be a new reason to text in (same keyword though) so make sure you listen in for your chance to win this awesome vacay. 

The first giveaway goes down on the morning show  Wednesday, June 29 and then we'll give another one away Wednesday,July 6th!

Huge shout out to Fairmont Hot Springs Resort for teaming up with us to giveaway these family vacations, we know how much you all deserve and need one right now!

Good luck!

Wednesday, June 22nd - Keyword: "Family" - Text us what you're favorite summer activity is! 

Friday, June 24th - Keyword: "Family" - Text us what you would rather endure...rain or wind?

Monday, June 27th - Keyword: "Vacation" - Text us your least favorite summer chore.