We saw plenty of rain in the Foothills this week, and it looks like more is headed our way this weekend.

Rain is expected on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Luckily, Environment & Climate Change Canada meteorologist Alysa Pederson says it'll be more in line with average June showers.

"It looks like it'll be a pretty good weekend with moderate to high temperatures, mid-20s, with a chance of showers tonight and again tomorrow afternoon, This is your typical June thunder shower kind of weather, so nothing like we saw earlier this week."

Despite that, it could still present a problem for the Okotoks Parade, though it might just die down just in time.

"There is a chance we might get something overnight tonight and that could lead into the morning a little bit, but the showers tomorrow afternoon are expected to be in the late afternoon/evening," says Pederson.

The amount of precipitation could increase closer to Monday, but it should stay around the seasonal level.

Environment Canada was tracking a sinister weather system that looked to be heading our way, though Pederson says it looks like it's headed for northern Montana instead.