So, last week we asked you the following question on air and on social media...and we got A LOT of great answers! 

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 We had answers like this commented:

I don't know why but the Arby's comment really tickled me lol. I can't even remember the last time I saw an Arby's, so maybe Tammy is on to something!

Though a lot of people in our community have different wants (as you can see), a large percentage of the comments looked like this:

When I saw Melissa's comment I instantly thought, "What's this 'The Point' place she mentioned?", I then did some research and realized it is indeed a spot for teens coming to Okotoks! 

Parents, your prayers have been answered! 

I met up with Sara and Gavin Rae, owners of The Point and The Park, and they told me all about their new spot! 

The Point will forever be adapting as the Rae's want to make sure teens needs are being met, but first they start with creating their "hangout" as Gavin and Sara know the age group don't really have a place of their own at the moment. 

Now, we all know teens...they're either uber emotional or show no emotion at all in fear of wrecking their "rep" or "hipness" and we get it, we've all been there! (As you can tell I'm no longer down with the lingo lol.) 

But they really should be excited, the Rae's give us a bit more without giving away too much on why this group should be stoked for the opening. 

And one of my favorite things about The Point is not only are they going to incorporate the teens on creating the space, (i.e. hanging art from local teens) but they're also covering all the bases by adding different components that every teenage walk of life would enjoy whether they're with a group of friends or by themselves.

So, there you go! A little inside scoop on the latest establishment coming to Okotoks in 2022! 

All I can say is I wish I had a place like this growing up and believe me there's so much more I would love to share with you about how awesome The Point is...but you're just going to have to wait for it's doors to open! 

The Point hopes to open late February of this year.

~ Shayne 

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