It was a historic year for athletes at Notre Dame Collegiate (NDC) in High River. 

The school ended this past year with four league champions, 12 divisional champions, five zone champions, seven athletes and one team to a provincial championship. 

“We really did find a lot of success at every level in every sport,” said outgoing Athletics Director Jeff Roman.  

NDC also hosted THE 2023 2A Boys High School Volleyball Championships which was won by Calgary Christian.  

“There is truly a culture of sport that is embraced amongst our community”, said Roman. 

The teams and players that won their Zone Championships last year were the JV Girls' volleyball squad, the 3J Boys volleyball, Senior Doubles badminton and Bantam Girls' 100m sprint. 

The league champions were the Jr A Boys volleyball team and the Jr C, JV, and SV boys' basketball teams. 

Roman said those championships are quite the feat for NDC given the school's humble beginnings at the old nurse’s wing at the hospital in the late 90s, when volleyball teams practiced outside or in makeshift gymnasiums. 

He added this success would not have been possible without the dedication of the coaching staff and volunteers. 

“Banners and championships reflect how our coaching staff put a premium on developing character through sport,” he said. “The way our athletes play the game is far more important to me than wins”. 

As for the future of these athletics programs, Roman is optimistic they can continue and grow the success of last year into the coming year. 

“We have the kind of unique ability in ways to really track our athletes,” he said. “Looking at where they fall this year and who they have in for competition next year, we're really excited to see what this next couple of years has for us.”