We just want to give a huge shout out to everyone who entered our 'Whatchu Say' contest!

So many hilarious and cute 'Whatchu Say' moments, that had us smiling all week long, sent in from our listeners and followers:

Whatcha Say.

Whatchu Say.

Whatchu Say.

Whatchu Say.

Whatchu Say.

Sent in, in the hopes of winning this amazing 3-Night Stay at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort during their annual 'Kids Fest'.

We would have loved to send all of you but we could only have one winner and that winner is....Denis Hamon! 

Whatchu Say.

Congrats to Denis and his three kids, who will be soaking up the sun and the fun at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort at the end of the month during the very entertaining 'Kids Fest'. (Listen to his heartwarming reaction below - Clip 1) 

If you didn't win but would love to check out this wonderful eight day festival created for kids and parents to have the time of their lives on summer vacation, make sure you're booking now! It's thee place to be. 

AND kids under the age of five eat for free at the resort during the month of August. 

It's the perfect vacation destination to end your summer with a bang. 

A big thank you to Fairmont Hot Springs Resort for the wonderful hook up and to everyone who entered in to win. 

For more details on Kids Fest click HERE and listen below to hear Larry Gale, Director of Marketing and Sales, with the resort talk about all the amazing memories you can create during the festival. (Clip 2) 

~ Shayne