A group of High Riverites using the Highwood River to cool off during a heat-wave last July. Residents are advised to stay out of local rivers during the current hot-spell, as flow-rates are high and water temperatures are low.

 The Sheep or Highwood Rivers can look very inviting when the temperatures are into the 30's like they will be for the next few days.

But, High River Fire Chief Len Zebedee says anyone thinking about taking a dip might want to re-consider.

"The river's flowing at about 30 cubic metres per second which is a little under normal for this time of year, but it is still flowing quite swiftly, and it is very cold yet," Zebedee says.

He says it doesn't take long for someone to suffer from hypothermia.

Zebedee says if people are going to venture out on the water he wants them to make sure they're wearing life jackets and they are being very cautious because there's still lots of deadfall in it that they could get hung up on.

He's hoping that a great day where people are out having fun doesn't turn into a tragedy.

"You know it's happened in all different areas of the Foothills M.D. along the rivers where that's happened so we don't want that fun weekend or day to turn out very badly for them or their families so caution is always the best way to go," he says.

He also points out it's illegal to consume alcohol on local waterways.

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