Water and the struggle to get more has dominated life in the Town of Turner Valley since the 2013 flood.

2015 was a great year on that front for the Town as they've almost completed all their facilities to go with their partnership with Longview, the M.D. of Foothills and the Town of Black Diamond which will make them water self sufficient early in 2016.

Mayor Kelly Tuck says if it wasn't for residents efforts at conservation, none of it would have been possible.

"I actually think the Town has done an outstanding job, between our website, Facebook, local media, radio. Getting the information out about the water treatment plant, where we were going, how we were looking after water. And again, going back to the ratepayers, I mean they did an outstanding job conserving water and even today are conserving water."

Tuck says finally coming up with a solution to the problems with Imperial Drive and Royalite, closer ties with Black Diamond and continued growth in the Town were other highlights of 2015.