Alberta had 1,246 wildfires that burned 130,858 hectares during the 2022 wildfire season.

Almost a third of those were human-caused.

The wildfire season starts on March 1 in Alberta.

The spring wildfire hazard is highest after seasonal melting has left fuels like trees and grasses extremely dry and flammable. 

Under these conditions, wildfire can ignite easily and spread quickly.

The province says nearly all spring wildfires are human-caused, which means that they are 100 per cent preventable.

It's critical that campfires are fully extinguished and off-highway vehicles are checked regularly for smouldering debris and agriculture burning projects are done safely.

Fire permits are free and are required during wildfire season for activities like residential, industrial or agricultural debris burning within the Forest Protection Area (FPA). Those living or operating a business within the FPA can obtain their fire permit online at or by calling their local forest area office. 

Those outside the FPA can contact their local municipality to ask about fire permit requirements.

To report a wildfire, call 310-FIRE (310-3473) toll-free, from anywhere in Alberta.