The prairies may be a little drier than usual after one of the warmest winters on Foothills in years but where there's a lack of moisture, there's a strong and healthy calving season for Alberta ranchers.

Scott Chattaway who raises cattle out near Nanton says when you're dealing with temperatures more on the plus than the minus side is always good for his livestock during calving.

"The nice weather has made it really easy on the newborn calves, they don't have to struggle against the cold and all the mothers are in really good shape so they're ready to take care of them," he says.

When it comes to calving Chattaway says he will take the warm temperatures anytime as it just makes farm life easier on everyone from those helping him to the cow-calf pairs out in the field.

"Cold weather has it's ups and downs it can get rid of certain diseases if it gets cold enough but the downside is you're calving in that weather and your calves can freeze to death.  

Weather patterns might lead to some more snow in the next few weeks but Chattaway says as long as you've got enough feed from the past year herds should be able to weather whatever comes their way come spring.

You just have to work harder and be more diligent with your cows that haven't calved yet, you'll have to take out some more feed and take care but the short term dump of snow isn't going to affect them."

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