The Walk To Breathe campaign is taking a different route this year.

Chris Sadleir walked across the province over the last couple of years but doctors have recommended he sit this one out.

So it's going the virtual route this year.

Sadleir started raising awareness about lung diseases and conditions after his father had a double lung transplant in 2016 and he's just celebrated six years with his new set of lungs.

The University of Alberta is one of only three transplant centres in Canada and patients have to travel there to undergo the procedure, but they also have to stay in Edmonton for an extended period of time while recuperating.

Sadleir is raising money to build a Breathing Space, along the lines of Ronald McDonald House, where patients and families can stay without taking on the extra financial burden of staying in the city for an extended period of time.

"It's basically for transplant patients where they can come with their support people and just have somewhere they can feel comfortable and feel safe and not have to have those out-of-pocket costs and expenses," he says.

He says on average the costs add up to about $80,000, meaning some people will turn down a life-saving transplant rather than put such a financial burden on their families.

This year's walk is going virtual from September 7-17, coinciding with Sadleir's father's 73rd birthday on September 17.

He's hoping for just as much support as he received on his own walks.

"Last year it was very evident that we made some inroads the first year," Sadleir says.

"The people that we met last year, the support we received, the communities we went through, I'm born and raised in Calgary, I've been in Edmonton for 22 years, I've spent some time in Lethbridge in the 90's so I'm an Alberta boy through and through. I know a lot of people across the province who have been tremendous supporters and of course tremendous support from people that I've never met before in my life that I'm still in contact with."

It costs $35 to register with the proceeds going to build A Breathing Space.

"We're looking for 840 people, whether that's individually or as part of a team, we're looking for a minimum of 840 people to participate this year and that's symbolic of the 840 kilometres that I've walked over the last two years," he says.

"Really really easy to get involved, we ask people to register online for the virtual event, it's a $35 registration fee, you get a Walk To Breathe t-shirt and then all we ask, again whether you're an individual or a person, each individual person raise $100 each."

For more details, you can go to or follow Chris on his social media sites.
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Chris Sadleir meets with with members of the High River Fire Department on his 2021 walk            Chris Sadleir meets with members of the High River Fire Department on his 2021 walk.