Vulcan County and the Town of Vulcan are cautiously optimistic they'll see improvements in their ambulance service.

The poor service they'd been receiving from AHS promoted them to look at setting up their own EMS service late last year.

County Reeve Jason Schneider says they've been encouraged by what they've heard during some recent meetings.

"We have had some pretty productive dialogue with Alberta Health Services, they have made us some promises that our service would see some improvement as well as the province also released their report some action items that Alberta Health Services need to take for rural health care delivery, so we're encouraged that we're finally being heard," he says.

Schneider says they're willing to work with the province because their provincially provided service has improved to a level acceptable to the residents.

He says there's a lot involved in setting up a stand-alone service so it's been moved to the back burner for now but if the promised improvements don't materialize the idea can be brought back.