Farmers in Vulcan County have been hard at work getting their crops off. Kelly Malmberg, Director of Agricultural Services for Vulcan County, says about 40-50 percent of their crops are already in the bin.

Some areas of the county saw showers during the Calgary Stampede week, but Malmberg says, a lot of farmers missed out on the moisture.

"The moisture quit at the end of June, and some guys are pretty frustrated with how the yields are. We've had some good years, and I think we've been brought down to earth. It can be dry country, and we found that out first hand this year."

Malmberg is pleasantly surprised at how well the spring wheats have been doing. The spring wheat has very high protein, but the bushel weights are variable around the county.

The peas are yielding anywhere from 10 bushels in areas which didn't get rain, to 55 bushels in northern areas of the county.

Although some producers are disappointed by the dry weather this year, it's made for an easier haying season.

"We had some pretty decent hay come off early, and a lot of guys were happy with how it turned out yield wise. But second cut, just through my travels, I don't think there was a lot."

Malmberg says, some farmers in the county have already finished harvest because of the dry conditions, but hopefully, they can get back to normal next year.

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