A pair of babies have captured the hearts of the staff at Granary road as well as the thousands that follow them on social media. 

Granary Road is home to a learning park, Farmers Market, Garden Centre, Petting Zoo and of course a host of farm animals including a solid herd of goats.

Last Wednesday a resident goat, affectionately named Tiny, gave birth to two teeny tiny little goats. A boy and a girl. The pair have each remained nameless. Instead of bestowing a title themselves, they took to social media asking friends and guests to try their hand at a name. 

A baby goat wearing a yellow coat

Bree Johnson, Sales, Events and Marketing Manager says the response has been incredible but they had their work cut out for them.

"There are so many names. We have posted a couple of posts across Facebook, Instagram and everywhere. We are now going to have to just pick one out of a hat it's just literally thousands of comments.

"The ones we are hoping get picked are Toby and Delilah." She gestured with the little boy goat.

Their wish came true as Toby and Delilah were selected.

The park officially opens to the public on April 29th. 

A baby goat wearing a yellow coat held by staff

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