Y'all, I really need a Flames win tonight, (May 26).

More so for the community, the City of Calgary, Southern Alberta and all Flames fans across the world, but selfishly for myself as well.

With the series sitting at 3-1 for Edmonton I have had to do some pretty gnarly things because of the bets I've placed with Justin, the Mix Morning show host, up in Fort Sask. 

If you're not caught up to speed, here you go:

Game 1 -  CALGARY WIN - I won 100 homemade perogies from Justin's grandma, they're famous in the Edmonton area and I am SO looking forward to them. Watch HERE. 

Game 2 - EDMONTON WIN - I had to write a poem about how much I love Edmonton - click HERE to watch. 

Game 3 - EDMONTON WIN - I had to paint my nails Oilers colours....I've been telling people I'm just really excited that Russell Wilson is now a Denver Bronco...

Shayne painted her nails orange and blue for the Oilers.

Game 4 - EDMONTON WIN - I'll let you watch the trauma unfold below. 

Lord have mercy...that truly was the worst. And on record, I don't hate Justin, that was the hot sauce talking...but I do strongly dislike him right now haha. 

I am NEVER betting on a team that I actually want to win again...it's just bad juju. lol

Like it's already enough pain when Calgary loses...I don't need to be drinking hot sauce on top of it!


Please win! =)

Also, listen below for what the loser of Game 5 has to do! 

~ Shayne