The town's Bi-Weekly Garbage Pilot Project is set to get under way the first week of June in the Mountainview and Woodhaven neighbourhoods.

Some changes were made to the project after the town received feedback from residents, including upgrades to a larger cart and additional excess garbage bags at no charge.

Paul Lyons, Waste Services Manager for the Town, says although there has been some opposition, there are also residents in favour of the project.

"We have our supporters that have said this is great, I've personally had emails sent to me saying this is good," said Lyons.

The project created quite a stir when it was first announced, prompting a petition from Mountainview residents, who recently met with town staff members to voice their concerns.

"All concerns that were brought up that meeting administration will evaluate and we'll provide further updates and clarification as we move forward." Lyons said.

Mountainview community residents petitioned in opposition to the project after it was announced, which prompted the meeting, as well as the few small changes.

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