The youth came through for Mayor Thorn! (But did we ever doubt them?)

Late last month Mayor Tanya Thorn put out a call to the artists within our community aged 0 to 18, asking for their help to fill her bare office walls with some colour...and kindness.

She was looking for artwork that exemplified kindness from the youth's perspective and she received some really amazing work! 

Check it out! 


Mayor Thorn poses in front of her empty wall.


Mayor Thorn poses in front of her new art filled wall.

How wonderful does her new wall look!? And take a look at this submission! 

Mayor Thorn poses in front of her new art.

Macrame...from the youth! Love that the youngsters are into this old-school trend!

Mayor Thorn was really pleased with the art and had a lot of wonderful things to say about the artists, take a listen below.

Job well done to all the young Okotoks residents who submitted their work and can't wait to see what theme the mayor picks next time!

~ Shayne