A candidate for the UCP nomination in the Livingstone-Macleod riding attended a recent speech by a far-right German politician.

Screenshot of Instagram postScreenshot of Instagram post

In an Instagram post that's since been taken down, Tanya Clemens could be seen posing with Christine Anderson.

Anderson is a member of the European Parliament and of the Alternative for Germany party, which has received criticism over accusations of propagating anti-Muslim and anti-immigration sentiments, and its leader's open opposition to same-sex marriage.

She recently made national headlines when three Canadian Conservative MPs faced backlash for meeting with her.

Federal Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre issued a statement calling Anderson's politics "vile, racist and hateful".

On February 18, Anderson gave a speech at the Petroleum Club in Calgary.

The event was dubbed as a "white hat ceremony," akin to those held by the City of Calgary, and Anderson was given a white hat by Pastor Artur Pawlowski, leader of the Alberta Independence party.

Mayor Jyoti Gondek clarified in a tweet that the event did not involve the participation of the City of Calgary or Calgary Tourism.

Please allow me clarify that neither @TourismCalgary nor @calgarystampede gave a white hat to Christine Anderson. And I think it’s pretty clear that I don’t endorse her views in any manner. It’ll be interesting to see what @Calpeteclub has to say about hosting the event.

— Jyoti Gondek (@JyotiGondek) February 26, 2023

We have reached out to Tanya Clemens but have not heard back from her.