The Town of Okotoks has a parcel of land for sale.

A single acre located on the D'Arcy Affordable Housing project site is up for grabs, with the town looking to sell to a developer in order to build and oeprate market-rate rental units.

Their goal is to integrate the rental units into the community alongside properties from Westwinds Communities (WWC) and the Brenda Stafford Society (BSS.)

The town stated in a release that the sale will also present a return on their $2.6 million investment into the land, whichw as purchased in 2019.

The sale of the parcel was part of the cevelopment plan form the beginning, with the town having mentioned it in prior releases about the project.

As part of the affordable housing project, WWC will be building 52 below-market rental units, with the BSS planning to build 42.

Earlier releasses from the town indicated that the acre for sale would hold 44 units.

The town is taking inquiries for the land on their website.