It's getting late, but the Town of High River still has some sidewalk work to get done this summer.

Council on Monday awarded a contract to East Butte Contracting for just under $157,000.

  •  Site 1 (Sidewalk replacement): 9th Ave SE between 9th Street and 12th Street
  •  Site 2 (Sidewalk replacement): 6th Street SE (West) and 8th Ave SE (South)
  •  Site 3 (Bench pad): SE corner of George Lane Park
  •  Site 4 (Bench pad): South of George Lane Park
  •  Site 5 (Bench pad): NW corner of George Lane Park
  •  Site 6 (Bench pad): Highwood Lake

Bids ranged from $157,000 to over $400,000 although there was no difference in quality of work when the bidders were checked out.

The cost is under budget by about $98,000 with the remaining budget funds intended to replace other sidewalks that have low rating and any other conflicts that arise during construction.

Meantime, work is continuing on the Hampton Hills bypass road with the roundabout at the north end already done. 

The intersection at Hampton's Boulevard and 2nd Avenue is closed this week for work on the roundabout there.

Because of the work the Landfill Park entrance is closed for now.

Hamptons drawingWork is underway on an roundabout at Hampton's Blvd.and 2 Ave.

The $2-million project's expected to be completed in the fall.

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