High River has received a provincial grant for a huge wastewater treatment facility upgrade.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says it'll help, but they need more.

"We did get grant approval for, I think it's 36 per cent of whatever the project ends up costing so that's great news but it's still going to be a massive price tag for this town to do the upgrades at our wastewater treatment facilities," he says.

The Town was looking at about $19 million but add-ons like flood protection are putting the price, according to the mayor, in the $20 to $25 million range.

He says the additional work is understandable but it's a massive price tag that the town and local taxpayers are going to have to absorb.

Snodgrass says that's far too much for the town's taxpayers to come up with.

He adds, over time regulations change and they don't have any problem making the improvements, but the cost is tough to swallow.