A ground-breaking ceremony was held yesterday for the expansion of the town's Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The upgrade will replicate existing equipment, and once completed will allow functionality as a dual-process treatment system.

This will allow the town to perform maintenance on the older equipment, which has been in continual use since the mid-2000's, without any sort of disruption to the town's water.

Okotoks Deputy Mayor Ray Watrin says the treatment system is extremely efficient.

"It just looks as pure as could be, as if you're turning on a tap. I'd be willing to drink that water, it's great!"

$7.15 million was approved for the first phase of the project by town council, with an $11 million loan being provided by the Alberta Capital Financing Authority.

Phase one is set to be completed in 2020, with additional upgrades planned for the following years.

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