Some staff with the Town of High River will continue with a more flexible work arrangement under a new policy just adopted by council.

It comes as a result of some of the changes made during the pandemic.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says they'll monitor the way it works and make adjustments where needed.

"Every organization, every business is looking at what happened through the pandemic and working at home and different scheduling to keep people out of the office, working different hours so there's not too many people in the office and there's a lot of things we've learned and there's a lot of things that employees are looking for now from their employment," he says. "Everybody's having trouble finding skilled workers and employers have to be flexible, a lot more flexible now than they were before in order to attract and retain the high end staff that we're looking for."

He says there were some jobs in the Town office that just didn't work well when they were being done from home.

Snodgrass echoed a concern brought forward by councillor Michael Nychyk about putting measures in place to make sure that work is still getting done.