It's been quite the year , you nominated for your list of people of the year in five different categories. We couldn't be happier to have been a part of it!

Without further ado here is your official list of TOM'S People Of The Year for 2019! / "TOMMY Award" Recipients! 


Nominations came in with these very sweet words written by your co-residents: 

Most Influential Person - Julie Boake | Awedity Creative

"Julie embodies the definition of community and represents Okotoks and the Foothills in al she does. She is a champion fornlocal businesses and charity. She gives of her time, knowledge and finances to better this community. She is not afraid to provide feedback when it ia required, positive and constructive, but always from a place of moving forward and doing better." || "Julie is a champion of i Okotoks to support local businesses and business growth.  She advocates for people to support local businesses, businesses to give back a charity component locally and get involved in the community so they can have a positive impact, and she works to help businesses and owners connect to create a more connected business community in Okotoks.  She is involved on the board of two local organizations including 100 Women Who Care."

Sports Player Of The Year - Anika Peters | Rocky Mountain Raiders

"Anika is an amazing human, both off and on the ice. She has proved this with her dedication to her numerous teams, friends and family. Recently she was selected to represent okotoks and the rocky mountain raiders bantam elite team for the winter games in Airdrie in 2020! She amazingly as well has 2 provincial championships under her belt, among many banners and zone championships. Her passion, dedication and love for sport are truly inspiring."

Volunteer Of The Year - Orvella Small | Inclusion Foothills

"Orvella has worked tirelessly helping families with disabilities access supports and services in the Foothills.  On top of her regular work hours, she donates hundreds of hours each year to ensure families and individuals access what they need to live fully inclusive lives. I can't imagine what our lives would be like if she hadn't helped us!  Life with a disability can be extremely challenging, Orvella at Inclusion Foothills has made sure that families can get what they need to make things a bit easier.  I'd love to see her recognized for what she does, it's hard to explain how it feels when you're desperate to help your family member and someone holds out a hand for support.  I know she'll continue to donate volunteer hours outside of her regular day to ensure families have what they need and it would be wonderful to acknowledge this..."

Dog Of The Year - Buster Howard | The Best Doggo

"Buster immigrated from the UK with me in 2013. I rescued him in 2012; he had been in 4 homes before the age of 4 and was 5 Kgs underweight, bald from the middle of his back down to the tip of his tail, had fleas, tics, parasites, worms...you name it. Despite his tough first few years, he shows nothing but love to everyone. In 2014, Buster lost the use of his back legs and was in hospital (thanks to the amazing help of Big Rock Animal Clinic) at VCA Care Centre, where he received treatment for meningitis. A long road to recovery, with chemotherapy for 4 years and steroids which he still takes daily, his skin started to turn black. Thanks again to the team at Big Rock, he was diagnosed with liver disease. He takes his pills every morning and you would never know there was ever anything wrong with him. At 12 years old, he’s still acting like a puppy, loves his walks, his food and of course his favourite person on earth: Granddad. This dog is my rock and I love him so much."

Listener Of The Year - Melba Fabick | Eagle 100.9 Listener

"Must Share"! I see this on my facebook maybe once or twice every day sharing something you guys have postered. I am nominating Melba Fabick for Listener of the year as a part of "Tom's People of the Year." From sharing the exciting promos and news stories you are running to getting tagged at every event you're at. Melba is the unofficial Eagle Hero! I think she has made it to pretty much every giveaway you guys have done! (and almost won most of them) I honestly cannot think of a more active listener than Melba. She deserves a Tommy more than anyone! This is a MUST SHARE!"

A few honorable mentions going out as follows: 

Most Influential Person Honorable Mention: SARA NOYES - COMMUNITY FUTURES! 

Sports Player of The Year Honorable Mention: GINO DE PAOLI - OKOTOKS OILERS!

Volunteer Of The year Honorable Mention: GABRIELLE BARRIE - POUND RESCUE! 

Dog Of The Year Honorable Mention: WRIGLEY - TAILGATE MERCANTILE!

Listener Of The Year Honorable Mention: MATT MCQUEEN - LISTENER! 

Congratulations on winning a "TOMMY" Award!! See you next year!