If you soiled your undies two months ago, it's now time to go dig them up.

The Soil Conservation Council of Canada started the Soil Your Undies campaign to raise awareness about the health of your soil.

Participants of the campaign took a pair of 100% cotton underwear and buried them for about two months. If there is only an elastic band left, you have hard working, healthy soil. If there is quite a bit of cotton left on the garment, you may need to take action to better manage the health of your soil.

These actions include testing your soil, adding organic material like manure, compost, or crop residue, keeping the soil covered with something living for as long as possible, and reducing tillage.

Alan Kruszel, Chair of the Soil Conservation Council of Canada, says they were thrilled with the amount of interest in their campaign.

"Soil Your Undies really helped people stop thinking about soil as dirt and start thinking of it as a living, breathing entity. If you care for you soil, it will care for you. Not only does soil provide us food, fuel and fibre, it also plays an essential role in maintaining fresh air, clean water, and extensive biodiversity."

If you didn't get a pair in the ground yet, there's still time. Just follow the instructions on the link.