You don't have to go to the Stampede to take in live music.

Michael Koehler with The Venue in High River says they've got lots of entertainment on tap through the whole summer.

"Thanks to the Town of High River, the Calgary Foundation, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, all of our entertainment is free. We ask any of our patrons to provide a donation, pay what they can for their ticket but we've gone out and found some funding so we can provide about 33 shows this summer from June through to September that are all open to visitors that are driving through high River, High Riverittes that are hanging around for the weekend, so we've got lots of entertainment provided Saturdays and Sundays," Koehler explains.

On Saturday July 15 Mandy Morris entertains at 2:00 p.m. and at 7:00 it's Paul Smith.

And there's also entertainment at 1:00 o'clock Sundays at the Bandstand and this Sunday the Carolyn Harley Trio brings their eclectic mix of original Swing, Blues and Folk to the stage.