The town of Okotoks is currently taking part in Environment week.

Running June 4 to 11 the town and the Conservation Educators take time to hold events and challenges, as well teaching and demonstrating what it means to live sustainably in Okotoks.

This involves showing off a nice new fully electric Ford Mustang Mach-E. (courtesy of Okotoks Ford Lincoln) A far cry from the old gas-guzzling 'stangs' of the past. I'll be honest... it seems sacrilegious or even wrong to think that Ford would make an EV sports car... let alone call it an SUV. However, after a ride in it, it is very much a Mustang.

There is NO question it has POWER.

Now, EVs are quite a polarizing topic. Are you for or against it?

I would like to hear what Okotoks has to say on the topic of this rising form of transportation. For or against I would like to hear it all.
I will be at the Okotoks town hall Thursday, June 9 starting at 2:30 p.m. chatting with residents. I hope to see you there and share your take on EVs.

ford mach e