An Okotokian's Halloween display just got kicked up a few notches.

Kathy Carter is one of those people who go all-out when it comes to Halloween decorations.

She doesn't pull any punches when it comes to delivering frights every year and she says has gotten her a bit of a reputation in her neighbourhood, with locals curious as to how she'll top last year's efforts.

"As we started to set up this year, we already had people coming around asking 'oh, what's new this year? What's going to be different this year?' They always look forward to coming by every year and seeing if anything's been added."

Something new has indeed been added this year.

When the chance arose to incorporate pieces from HBO's The Last of Us, which filmed in town earlier this year, Carter struck while the iron was hot.

"We ended up with 18 animatronics from the set. A lovely group in town, Adanac, they get a lot of the film stuff. So, I had gone in one day and he mentioned that he was getting some Halloween stuff in, and I was like 'I'm all in.' He gave me a call, I went in with the idea of picking up maybe one or two and took the entire lot, without informing my husband."

a spooky house Carters house is filled to the property line with lights, sounds and creepy figures.

While the newly acquired pieces are sure to be a highlight of the display for many, they're just the latest additions to her creepy cast.

"We've got this about 10-feet tall werewolf whose eyes actually move and stuff, that one's really freaky. We've got the grim reaper, we ended up with a lot of witches, a lot of clowns. They all move and the eyes light up, they're super cool."

a clown in a house in Okotoks A delightful Pennywise jumpscare awaits at the top of the stairs

So far, the reception has been promising.

"We've already had a few kids in the neighbourhood that have told us that they want to come by and look at it during the day, but they won't be coming on Halloween night."

Her love of the spooky season started from a young age and stems from its universal appeal.

"We didn't have a lot growing up, so Christmas wasn't the big time of year. Halloween was great, my mom was always able to put together some cool costumes for us and we were able to go out and have fun, even though we didn't have a whole lot. I think that's part of that enjoyment for everybody, it doesn't matter where you came from or what you have."

Those hoping to get a look in person can stop by to take a look at 127 Crystal Green Drive.