It's a sight you won't see often.

Two grand pianos in the gazebo at George Lane Park in High River.

Michelle Wheatley-Brown with the Gift Of Music says their concert series is going to resume Sunday Sept 11.

"The theme this year is musical storytelling, so pretty much all of our concerts feature a theme that allows the musicians to tell a story about the music," she explained.

Besides the two Steinway pianos, there'll be a cellist from the CPO and a narrator to tell the story of the Carnival of the Animals.

She's glad to be able to put on these shows again.

"We've really missed this and these concerts have really been a gathering of community, so of course it's about the music but it's about the people and about having an opportunity for everyone to get together and celebrate and be inspired by fabulous music," she says.

It goes Sunday September 11 at 2 p.m. at George Lane Park and it's a free event.