It was a cold and rainy weekend here in the Foothills; however, the weather did not keep families indoors.

The weekend kicked off with the Southern Alberta Music Festival at Aspen Crossing. Friday night tons of people bundled up to enjoy a live outdoor performance by four different acts. The line-up started with History Wrangler and The Dusty Saddle Gang singing about Alberta's history. Next Renegade Station gave a fantastic performance, followed by High Steppin Daddy, and Drew Gregory. There food trucks, vendors, and beer garden for the audience to enjoy. The music festival was a fundraiser in support of STARS Air Ambulance.

 Saturday, August 10th was the 3rd Annual Champion Park Open House. Champion Park was gifted to both the County of Foothills and the Town of Okotoks by the Knowlton Family. Since 2016, Champion Park is open to the public once a year to explore the grounds and learn about CP Rail's history.

Community members loaded up buses leaving from the Okotoks Recreation Center and filed out onto the platform of a past era.

In the waiting room, passengers received their train ticket and could now board the Saskatchewan. The Conductor greeted each passenger as they toured the trains. Throughout the property, volunteers gave demonstrations of how historical artifacts were used.

The 'first text' sent by the station marshall to passing engineers was explained by two volunteers. A wooden loop which held a handwritten note was held off the platform. As the engineer rolled past the station they extended their arm out the window of the train into the wooden loop. Once the note was retrieved the wooden loop was thrown back onto the tracks to be collected.

Sunday, August 11th the Eagle Street Team visited the Leighton Art Center's new art exhibits. The vast views of the Foothills and beautiful outdoor art was a great way to end off the weekend.

~Emma Thorn