Wow, a lot can happen in a period of ten years! Especially in the Foothills! 

We've had some historic moments, moments that got local attention, moments that got international attention, moments that brought happiness and moments that shook our community.

It's fair to say we have definitely had our moments. 

Here are some of the moments that I remember from the last ten years:  

January 2010 - On its journey to Vancouver the Olympic Torch makes its way through Southern Alberta including Okotoks! Jim "Bearcat" Murray was a notable torchbearer that day! 

October 2010 - Naheed Nenshi tweets his way to the top and becomes mayor of Calgary - the first Muslim mayor of a major North American city. 

November 2010 - Under budget and before schedule the 32nd Street Bridge opens in Okotoks making the town much more accessible! 

June 2011 - Guy Weadick Rodeo changes to Guy Weadick Days as it includes 2 weekends of WPCA Chuckwagons and a full weekend of foothills rodeo fun! 

June 2012 - Calgary Stampede celebrates its 100 year anniversary and brings in record-high 1.3 million people, YEEHAW!

June 2013 - The Highwood river rises and devastates the town of High River, flooding displaces most of the 12,000 High River residents and kills three. Surrounding communities come together to take care of their neighbors.

September 2014 - September...more like SNOW-tember! Snowstorm hits Okotoks as well as surrounding towns and does some pretty intense damage. 

June 2015 - Move over Calgary Stampede...Guy Weadick Days celebrates 35 years!

September 2015 - Town of Okotoks tourism slogan "There's a number of things to do in Okotoks" goes viral. WE'RE FAMOUS GUYS.

February 2016 - NDP government shocks Canadian politics and wins a majority government in Alberta.

May 2016 - Fort McMurray becomes the largest wildfire evacuation in Alberta's history with more than 88,000 people being forced from their homes. It was also the costliest disaster in Canadian history. The community of Okotoks comes together and sends the Fire Department to help with the fire and community members send cash and food donations for victims. 

June 2017 - With Okotoks' non-stop growth annexation is approved after 4 years and 4,900 acres is added to the town. 

August 2017- Okotoks gets colorful with first-ever Pride in the Park; an event that celebrates the LGBTQ community! YASSS QUEEN!

October 2017 - Mass shooting takes place at a music festival on Las Vegas Strip, 4 Canadians died including 34-year-old Okotokian; Tara Roe. During this difficult time the Town of Okotoks bands together to support the Roe family in a number of ways including a memorial hockey game hosted by the Okotoks Oilers with over $10,000 donated to Tara's family. 

2017/2018 - The Okotoks Oilers put themselves in the history books by beating out the 1988 Calgary Canucks for the longest winning streak with 24 consecutive wins in a season!

April 2019 - Jason Kenny of the United Conservative Party wins 30th General Election in Alberta. 

August 2019 - After 10 years the Okotoks Dawgs are once again WCBL Champs! They had the Regina Red Sox saying, "WHO LET THE DAWGS OUT!?"

November 2019 - HO HO HOLY COW! Okotoks Light Up kicks off Christmas in the Foothills and brings in a record amount of 15,000 visitors! 

A lot has happened and a lot has changed but one thing remains the same: through the good and bad we will always be Alberta Strong! 

Let me know if I missed anything! Please comment any moments throughout the 2010's that you think impacted our community!

All the best in the 2020's!

~Shayne on Midday¬†ūüėä