Well, I can officially close this awful chapter that was the Battle of Alberta series. 

I bet on my beloved Flames in a wager against my good pal Justin from our sister station Mix 107.9 in Fort Sask and they just couldn't get it done but I'm super proud of their playoff run and wish Edmonton and Justin all the best....kind of. (lol)

As the Oilers move on to the Western Conference Final against the Avs in game 1 tonight, (May 31) I thought there was no better day to finish the wager that we started.

We bet that the loser of the Flames vs. Oilers series had to stand on the corner of a very high traffic area in their respective community and hold an "I'm a loser" sign...so this morning, I did just that. (See below)

So if you saw me out there, thanks for the honks, the smiles, and the "boo's" - they all made my day!

And until next season Flames fans!

~ Shayne 

P.S. Check out the below if you'd like to recap all of the things I had to do for every bet I lost during the series:

- Game 2 

- Game 3 

- Game 4 

- Game 5 - I had to post an embarrassing photo but forgot... so enjoy Grade 11 Shayne eating. This is not a posed or exaggerated photo...this is just what I look like when I'm hungry apparently. Cute, right? 

Shayne looks gross while eating food.