Open Farm Days are back this weekend in Alberta.

Tim Carson, the CEO of the Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies, says it's a chance for people to get out to visit a farm and see exactly where their food comes from and how it's produced.

"On this weekend, the Saturday and Sunday, we have 120 farms that are going to open up their doors to unique experiences for all Albertans to share and enjoy," he says. "It's a chance to see where your food comes from, the process that it takes in order to get it from the farm to your table and the stewardship and the care that is taken by the farmers to produce it."

"When you get to speak directly to the producer, whether we're talking about grains and pulses or we're talking about livestock, the dedication and the passion these people have to what they do is tremendously important, many of these families are generational on their farms so they a tremendous interest in making sure they are being respectful for all of the things that they do."

Carson says 150 farms, ranches and food producers took part pre-pandemic and though it made a bit of a return last year, he says this year they're back to about 120 this year.

"There's nearly 70 culinary events that are happening on the farms, so not only do you get to visit that farm and find out what goes on, meet the producer, but you also have a chance to sample the food that comes directly from that farm," Carson says.

He suggests checking out their website which includes a map that will help guide you to the farms you want to visit and says it's a good idea to call ahead so farm operators don't have a lot of people showing up all at the same time.

This is the 10th annual Open Farm Days in Alberta.