The Town of Sylvan Lake held council yesterday sporting Okotoks Dawgs jerseys. About a month ago, the Western Canadian Baseball League’s Okotoks Dawgs defeated the Sylvan Lake Gulls in playoffs and it seems that Sylvan Lake Mayor, Megan Hanson lost a bet.  

"Congratulations again Okotoks Dawgs Baseball on your outstanding season in The Western Canadian Baseball League! Sylvan Lake is holding good on our wager and we sported your jerseys tonight in council chambers as a sign of respect and congratulations for your crushing season,” said Hanson in a social media post.  

However, despite losing the bet, Hanson is looking forward to revenge next season.  

“We know you took the win this year, but the Sylvan Lake Gulls comeback season is already on our minds and we look forward to seeing the tables turn next year! I still think blue and gold will look great on you Tanya Thorn,” said Hanson.