The Alberta Summer Games are coming to Okotoks and Diamond Valley and they need some help next weekend.

The Mountain Bike trail that's being built in Diamond Valley (formerly known as Black Diamond) needs some volunteers to do some hands-on work on Saturday, April 29.

Diamond Valley Recreation Supervisor Les Quinton says they need some help with the trail.

"So, it's shovels and rakes; we've got some pruners. So, we have to work on the trails and clear back the brush and just make it so that we're accessible to take the bikes down there."

Quinton also says you don't need knowledge of mountain bike racing to get involved as they're welcoming anyone willing to lend a hand or two. 

"So, we start at the Scott Seaman Sports rink so that's in behind the Oilfields Regional arena and we will be providing a lunch for the volunteers and we're just happy to see anybody that would like to come along and help."

And if you would like to volunteer, you'll need to fill out this form as lunch will be provided and they need to know how much food they should prepare.

Everything gets rolling at 8:00 a.m. and goes until 12:00 p.m. Saturday, April 29 with the Alberta Summer Games running from July 20 to 23.